Requirements to become a dangote cement distributor

As the infrastructure boom continues to increase, becoming a cement dealer is a rewarding venture as you will make a lot of profit from the business due to the high demand enforcement. 

Many people have an interest in going into such business but unfortunately are not sure how to start and information is limited on such a topic.

This article will try to point out the necessary things you need to have when going into the cement dealership business. This is a case study of how to become a dealer or distributor with Dangote cement, pointing out their key requirement in Nigeria. 

Requirement for becoming a Dangote cement distributor. 

1. Certificate of company registration form from cooperate affairs commission.

2. Application letter to become a distributor 

3. Scanned copy of bank reference letter 

4. Passport photograph of company's managing director 

5. Passport photograph of company's representative 

For the application form,  visit 

And you are assured within 48 hours registration without giving any money during the registration process.
Note that the business model is a on a cash and carry basis and a truck of cement is from 600 bags to 900 bags. 

Completed forms should be submitted to or submitted physically to their area office which is:

The National Sales Director,

Dangote Cement Plc,

Second Floor, Union Marble House,

1 Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo,

Ikoyi, Lagos


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